Fieldwork programs

Bournda EEC offers fieldwork programs designed to meet syllabus requirements for years K-12.

Programs can be tailored to meet your school’s needs or may be chosen from our featured programs covering a wide range of KLA’s.

Using a clinometer

Learning for Sustainability Programs

Are you looking for support to teach the sustainability cross-curriculum priority?

Bournda EEC has a great range of sustainability programs for you to choose from; these programs can be run at Bournda, at your school or at other locations.

Students can participate in activities that contribute to your school lowering water, energy and resource use and reducing waste to landfill.

Students conducting a waste audit

Student physical and mental wellbeing

Popular physical recreation and wellbeing programs are also available to support the PD/H/PE syllabus.

Kayaking on Bournda Lagoon

Peer support and leadership

Peer support and leadership programs are available and can be designed to meet the needs of each group.

Another great day at Bournda

STEM Education and Bournda EEC

This article is from Issue 15 of T4L News for Schools, a quick 2-page newsletter produced by Information Technology Directorate of the Department of Education.

“The NSW Department of Education has recently launched a new STEM resources site to assist schools to deliver quality STEM education for all students. This includes:

  • raising expectations and enhancing the quality of student learning in STEM
  • fostering quality teaching and leadership in STEM
  • illustrating innovative ways of delivering STEM education

Actively engaging students in authentic and challenging STEM learning experiences, creating learning environments that foster innovation and creativity is fundamental to the success of STEM education in schools. NSW DoE has initiated several STEM projects during 2015 and 2016 and highlights these at the website. ITD is committed to providing quality ICT systems and support services to augment the delivery of STEM education in NSW schools.”

Bournda EEC, IntoIT and Bega Library hosted the inaugural Schools’ STEM Expo in National Science Week 2016.