Leadership Programs

CDAT 2015 challenge games

Program Overview

The Leadership program focuses on activities that require cooperation, team work and building positive relationships. Students work through a number of challenges and reflect on what they have learnt throughout the day. While many of the programs listed below are run at Bournda National Park, the program can be adapted to be run at your school.

Educational Focus – PDHPE

Stage 4: PD4-1; PD4-3; PD4-4; PD4-9; PD4-10

Stage 5: PD5-1;PD5-3; PD5-4; PD5-9; PD5-10

Learning Experiences

Challenge Games are a series of challenging activities that require team work and cooperation to be successfully completed. Students work in groups to solve challenging problems using creative thinking, problem solving and team work. Each game has a set of rules that the students must follow. Aspects of leadership, team work and perseverance are discussed with students as they complete the challenges.

Peer Support activities are designed to allow students to develop a sense of self, resilience and connectedness in a supportive group setting. They allow for a fun and engaging way to develop peer connections and assist students to develop practical skills in working cooperatively, relying on others and breaking down social barriers. The activities encourage positive student wellbeing as well as a supportive learning environment.

Strengths Orienteering students work together to complete an orienteering course and discover ‘strength’ cards along the way. They use the strengths cards to complete puzzles and compile a complete list of the 24 character strengths.

Orienteering and geocaching courses are set up around the National Park. Students are first instructed on compass and GPS use, and first aid and safety. Using radios, students navigate around the National Park to set locations.

Discussion students are guided through a series of questions that reflect on what they have learnt about leadership, working in a group and respecting others.