Sustainability Day – Working with Waste workshop – Stage 2

Tuesday May 28th, Term 2 – Week 5

Come to Bournda and learn how to be a waste champion for your school. Students will explore the issues surrounding waste focusing on ways to reduce the amount of waste we all produce. Students will investigate the role of worms as decomposers, getting ‘hands on’ with the Bournda worm farm worms. They will make beeswax wraps to promote waste free lunch boxes and will work together to design bin stickers that can be used to educate others about putting the right thing in the right bin. These stickers will be used on the Bournda bins and will act as a template for other schools to use. During the day students will create action plans around a waste issue at their own school. These action plans can be shared back at school with an environment group or SRC.

Send along 4 of your schools best waste warriors!

Cost $5 per student.

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