Programs at the Field Studies Huts

Program of activities

There are a variety of activities that students can participate in as part of your overnight camp, depending on the age and number of your students, the time of year your camp is booked as well as how many nights your camp is booked for.

Popular activities for Stage 3 students include kayaking, raft building, challenge games and bushcraft survival. Stage 2 students are often involved in activities such as dip netting, challenge games, beach games and the amazing race.

We have a variety of short and long bushwalks that can be included in an overnight program. The Kangarutha Walking Track is a whole day walk between Tathra and Bournda National Park, the Bournda Loop Track is a 6km loop around Bournda Lagoon and there are many other shorter walking tracks in and around the National Park.

In addition, Stage 2 students can participate in many of the activities outlined in our day programs for Stage 2 – see Stage 2 programs and Stage 3 students can participate in many of the activities outlined in our day programs for Stage 3 – see Stage 3 programs.

Spotlighting is a popular nighttime activity that can be run by your staff. Please request the Bournda spotlight if you require. Some of the species you may encounter include – Brushtail Possums, Ringtail Possums, Sugar Gliders, Yellow-bellied Gliders and Feather-tailed Gliders.

A sample Stage 3 camp running over two nights would be – Sample Stage 3 camp itinerary

Please note, water activities such as kayaking and raft building are better suited to the warmer times of the year such as Term 1 and Term 4.

A sample Stage 2 camp running over one night would be – Sample Stage 2 camp itinerary

Accommodation at the Field Studies Huts

The Field Studies Huts are located at the southern end of Bournda National Park. High on a forested ridge, to the north of Bournda Lagoon, the Hut area has spectacular ocean views.

The facility has a timber hut which can be securely locked and is utilised as a wet weather shelter.  It has a pot belly stove and is equipped with bench tables and bench seats.

The timber hut is used to prepare and store food and for classroom activities.

The Field Studies Huts facility has 4 A-frame structures which have canvas and insect netting sides attached to the two ends. Groups sleep in these A frames which are a very short walk from the timber hut. The A-frames are raised up off the ground and have a tin roof, protecting students from inclement weather.

A communal fireplace is a focal point of the camping experience at the Field Studies Huts.  This fireplace is located just outside the timber hut.

Night time activities around the campfire are popular with students.

For information on what to bring, what is supplied and the facilities at the Field Studies Huts: Gear Field Studies Huts

There is no electricity or running water at the Field Studies Huts.

Please contact Bournda EEC for more details or place a booking through the link below –