What happens if it rains?

Great question!  It all depends on how much rain and when it is expected.  If we think that the rain will affect the ability to have a safe, enjoyable experience we will discuss postponement of the program.  The organising teacher should contact the Bournda Teaching Principal and discuss the forecast and the program.  If a decision is made to cancel the program Bournda EEC will post a notification on our Twitter account (@Bournda) and our Facebook page.

Does Bournda EEC only run programs at Bournda National Park?

No! Bournda EEC runs programs at schools and at other locations as required.  In fact our programs have been offered in schools across a wide chunk of South East NSW.

What facilities are there for camping?

Check out the details at our facilities page!

What should my child/ students pack for camping at Bournda?

Have a look at or print out the checklist (if camping at the School Bay pack a tent too!) student checklist schoolcamp

What about my child’s dietary needs?

Bournda EEC are more than happy to cater for special dietary requirements; gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, or any restrictions – just let the teacher and Bournda EEC staff know prior to the excursion.

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