Outdoor Education Program

CDAT Ropes course
Stage 5 students on Ropes Course

Program Overview

Bournda Environmental Education Centre offers many outdoor education experiences that will both challenge students and allow them to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful Bournda National Park setting.

Education Focus – PDHPE

Stage 4: PD4-1; PD4-3; PD4-4; PD4-9; PD4-10

Stage 5: PD5-1;PD5-3; PD5-4; PD5-9; PD5-10

Learning Experiences

  • Kayaking

BEEC staff will lead groups on kayaking adventures on both Wallagoot Lake and Bournda Lagoon. Students are taught how to paddle safely and are then taken on guided tours of the National Park. Both single and double kayaks are available. Kayaking games are played in the warmer months, when the weather is suitable.

  • Orienteering

Orienteering and geocaching courses are set up around the National Park. Students are first instructed on compass and GPS use, and first aid and safety. Using radios, students navigate around the National Park to set locations.

  • Ropes Course

BEEC has a medium height ropes course on site. Staff instruct students on the safety features of the ropes course, including correct fitting of harness and helmet. The ropes course is an individual challenge – where students strength, flexibility, determination and perseverance are tested.

  • Bike Riding

Bournda National Park has many roads and tracks that are suitable for bike riding. Students, lead by a teacher, can explore the park by bike. BEEC has a fleet of bikes available for this purpose.

  • Bush Walking

Bournda National Park has some excellent bush walking tracks, from short walks to full day bush walking adventures.

  • Raft building

Problem solving through raft building is a program where students need to construct a raft using provided equipment that will enable the group to paddle a particular course. Students are required to work cooperatively to design and construct the rafts.