Risk Management Plans

Risk management plans prior to excursions and incursions

The safety of your students is our number one priority at all times. As a NSW Department of Education facility we are committed to providing a safe learning environment for students and there are established processes and systems in place to support schools in meeting their duty of care to students in the school environment and while on excursions.

The Department’s Excursions Policy includes a risk management process that requires a risk assessment to be conducted and a risk management plan developed before seeking approval for any excursion or incursion.

Risk management processes identify hazards, assess risks and then eliminate or control any risks associated with any activity. An important component of the risk management process for excursions or incursions is consultation with staff and external providers.

Staff are also required to be aware of potential risks that may arise during the excursion or incursion, to assess the risk if a change occurs and take appropriate action to reduce or eliminate the risk.

NSW Department of Education schools can obtain more information on the Department’s risk management procedures. (Department Intranet Only)

Please contact the Bournda Office to discuss risk management plans for your program.

Health and Safety

Bournda EEC operates under the NSW Department of Education WHS Corporate Policy