World Environment Day 2024 -5th June

Take Climate Change action and restore ecosystem biodiversity!

June 5th every year is World Environment Day, a global day of encouraging everyone to take action to protect the environment. We are hosting a teacher and student workshop at Bournda EEC on Wednesday, June 5th 2024,

Kelly Pfeiffer is a Zoo Education Officer for the NSW Department of Education, working on Teaching Quality and Impact, seeking new and creative ways to engage students and inspire learning.

Eco Detectives

Ruzika Soldo is Head of Impact and Engagement with UNICEF Australia, focused on ensuring children and young people are involved, heard and engaged in designing solutions on issues that impact their lives.

The Climate Future Children Want

Children and young people have been calling for action on climate change and it’s important we listen to their hope for the future of our planet. Ruzika has worked with the Young and Resilient Research Centre at Western Sydney University to hear from children and young people on what changes they want to see to limit the impact of climate change and to thrive in their communities. Their views are expressed in the Climate Future Children Want cards. Ruzika will work with students and teachers on how these important resources can be used in their school.

Program for the Day

Teachers and students will have the opportunity to work with Kelly, Ruzika and Bournda EEC staff in small groups as per the program below. There is no charge to the program and Bournda EEC is offering one relief day per school for teachers who take an environmental leadership role in their school.  Each teacher should bring 3-4 Stage 2/3 students who play an active role in school leadership. Use the Expression of Interest form below to register by the 11th April.


    Yes, we would like to send a teacher and a team of 3-4 students to the World Environment Day Workshops at Bournda on Wednesday 5th June