Environmental Science – Shorebirds of Mogereeka – Stage 3

Thursday 13th June, Term 2 – Week 7

The South Coast is home to many threatened shorebird species including the critically endangered Hooded Plovers. This program allows students to be immersed into the world of the shorebird while visiting Mogereeka Inlet at Tathra. Students will explore the Mogereeka Inlet taking water samples and recording their findings. Then, equipped with dip nets and reef boots, they will explore this dynamic environment collecting a variety of living things to examine and photograph, focusing on adaptations of living things. Students will record images and sketches on iPads to present their findings. During the day students will participate in a beachcombing activity where they will learn how to
identify many of the interesting things that are washed up onto our shoreline.

Please send 4 interested Stage 3 students – cost $5 per student

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