Stage 2 – Science – Physical World

Solar equipment
Learning about solar energy using solar kits and solar toys

Program Overview

This energy program focuses on the need for environmentally sustainable electricity generation and the active role individuals can take to help reduce greenhouse emissions. Students will learn about the link between our atmosphere and our climate. They will explore the many methods by which energy can be made and determine which of these are renewable (sustainable) and non-renewable energy sources. They will create a wind turbine and use solar toys to help understand how energy can be transformed from one form to another.

Key Questions

How do heat, light and electrical energy make things happen?

Learning Experiences

  • Our delicate atmosphere

Students learn about the earth’s atmosphere and the delicate balance of gases that allow a viable temperature on planet earth. Students use concrete materials to model how an increase in greenhouse gases creates warming of the planet.

  • Climate Change – Who Cares?

Students explore the importance of greenhouse gases to life on earth and investigate how and why things have changed since the industrial revolution. Students look at graphs that show which countries are producing the most greenhouse gases. They discuss lifestyle choices and how this may be affecting greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Renewable vs Non-renewable energy sources

Students discuss – What are fossil fuels and why do we use so much of it? How can we all reduce the electricity we use? Do we have other energy sources that we can use that don’t run out or damage the environment?

Students play the ‘Make the Connection puzzle’ looking at different types of energy sources.

  • Solar and wind energy

Students use solar cars and solar kits to examine and discover how solar energy works. Students race solar cars.

Students discover how a windmill works and create their own wind mine.

  • It’s our choice

Students make a commitment to take three actions that will reduce the amount of electrical energy that they use.

Preparing for an Excursion

Syllabus Outcomes

Science and technology K-6


A student describes the characteristics and effects of common forms of energy, such as light and heat

Science Content

Energy makes things happen (heat, light and electricity)


  • explore some common sources and uses of electrical energy and describe different ways electrical energy can be generated sustainably, for example solar cells, hydroelectric power, wind turbines, geothermal power generation and wave power.