AUSMAP Microplastics Survey

AUSMAP microplastics survey on beach

Program Overview

AUSMAP (Australian Microplastic Assessment Project) is a nation-wide citizen science program designed to document and analyse microplastic pollution in Australian aquatic environments. By engaging high school students and communities in citizen science activities, we empower our participants to take leadership on systemic solutions.

AUSMAP is supported by a series of teaching resources, enabling teachers and educators to model guided inquiry and engage students in
meaningful fieldwork. The teaching resources address syllabus outcomes in a range of key learning
areas, including Science and Geography for Years 7-12.

Bournda EEC is a AUSMAP Regional Hub. Bournda teachers are accredited providers and will facilitate the AUSMAP methodology, collecting, analysing and sharing microplastic data from a range of aquatic environments. High school groups can partake in this rigorous scientific methodology and collection protocol by contacting Bournda EEC, acting as local AUSMAP Regional Hub. Workshops are available throughout the year and we will start our school bookings during National Science Week.

Educational Focus

Stage 6 – Investigating Science including depth studies

Stage 6 – Earth and Environmental Science including depth studies

Stage 4 -5 Science K-10 Syllabus

Stage 4-5 Geography K-10 Syllabus

Learning Experiences

Fieldwork activity 1 – Methods Overview

Fieldwork activity 2 – Field Sampling

Fieldwork activity 3 – Sample Processing

Fieldwork activity 4 – Data entry