Staff visit to On The Perch

The Bournda EEC staff had the pleasure of visiting On The Perch recently. Great to see the birds so happy and comfortable, with plenty of space to fly (and perch on us!) The Bush Stone Curlew is nesting again (she’s chosen a spot right by the path) and the chicks are due to hatch just in time for Threatened Species week. Sadly this bird is on the endangered species list due to loss of habitat and predation by cats, foxes and dogs.

Chris and Jan


New barbeque for Bournda EEC

Hooray for a new barbeque! Looking forward to cooking on it at the school camps.

New barbeque for Bournda EEC

Feeding the animals at Bournda…

These two visited recently – hoping for a share of lunch. Feeding the wildlife, while tempting to do, is not good for them and can lead to a range of negative consequences for the animals and humans. The Office of Environment and Heritage have more information on keeping our wildlife healthy here:

Australian king parrot, Alisterus scapularisGrey Butcherbird, Cracticus torquatus