Bournda Survivor Challenge – Stage 2

Tuesday 6th August – Week 3, Term 3, 2024

Ask your students to take on the Bournda challenge!
During this fun and adventurous day students will undertake a number
of challenges at Bournda. They will begin by completing a range of peer
support activities that are designed to allow students to develop a sense of
self, resilience and connectedness in a supportive group setting. Students
will then work as a group to complete a series of challenge games – testing
their team work and problem solving skills. Finally, they will learn how to
use a map and compass and complete the Bournda orienteering course.

Send a team of 4 students to join in the challenge with other SCLC schools!

Program cost – $5 per student.

challenge game - acid river


August 6th
Term 3

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