Happy NAIDOC Week!

Last week local schools had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate NAIDOC with the Eden Aboriginal Community at Jigamy Farm!

Over 430 students attended over 3 days and teacher and students loved the activities. The students were able to connect with the NAIDOC theme while eating johnny cakes, learning about yams, seed grinding and looking at the displays inside the centre.

Thank you to Monaroo- Bobberer-Gudu Culture Centre at Jigamy for hosting this wonderful event for the 9th year running!

Thanks also to National Parks and Wildlife Service for their support.


Because of her, we can learn about yams.

Because of her,we can!

Students learning about Aboriginal culture at Jigamy

Out in the bush, learning about culture

Uncle Ossie Cruse at the canoe camp

Uncle Ossie Cruse yarning at the canoe camp

Seed grinding

Grinding seeds

Seed grinding in action

On the bush tucker trail at Jigamy.

On the bush tucker trail at Jigamy.

Learning the dances

Dancing crew in action!

Uncle Ossie Stewart - check out my mussells!

Mussel man Ossie Stewart