GoMAD…. as Hell!

We went to one of the South Coast’s most iconic beauty spots (Bournda Lagoon in Bournda National Park) and kayaked to a seldom visited location on the western shoreline.  In JUST TWO MINUTES the GoMAD (Go Make a Difference) camp participants picked up enough waste to fill a large bag.  Unfortunately the haul even included a syringe – YUK!

Litter from Bournda Lagoon

Clearly this is just not good enough and students took a short time out from having fun to just be MAD about it. The students discussed approaches like “Take Three for the Sea” and other ways people can take positive action to reduce litter in the environment.

The GoMAD camp involves teachers and student leaders, from Bega, Narooma, Moruya and Batemans Bay High Schools, who have come together to share their GoMAD experiences.