TrailRider outing in Bournda National Park

Kony and his Tulgeen carer Paul, came out to Bournda National Park to take the Bournda EEC TrailRider All Terrain Wheelchair for a spin! From the smiles on Kony’s face, and the positive feedback from his carer and family, it’s clear he enjoyed the experience.  He’s going to come back for a weekly visit and he can explore a different spot each time.

Using the TrailRider to explore Bournda National Park

The Bournda EEC TrailRider was purchased in 2017, with support from the Department of Education, Tulgeen Disability and Tarra Motors, and enables inclusive experiences in the outdoors for people that need mobility assistance.

For further information, see the Bournda EEC Mobility Assistance page. 


TrailRider on the edge of Wallagoot Lake