Weed alert!

About this time last year, local botanist Jackie Miles alerted us to the presence of the weed Coreopsis lanceolata on Sapphire Coast Drive.

A weed species

Photo: Bournda EEC

Coreopsis lanceolata

Photo: J.Miles

Jackie wrote:

“This is a pushy weed (eg round Ulladulla and Jervis Bay where it runs amok on roadsides on sandy soils). There was a single local infestation round the swimming pool at Pambula Beach some years ago, which Council, to their credit, seem to have dealt with pretty effectively (not noxious, so they would have got no funding to do it).  There used to be an odd plant crop up along Sapphire Coast Drive, but this is the first one I’ve noticed for quite some time.”

We pulled out a clump this morning so keep on the alert for any popping up in your area.  After the recent rain they are quite easy to pull out.