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Saturday August 15 through to Sunday August 23

The Sapphire Coast Regional Science Hub Sustainability Education Network (SCRSHSEN), with the generous support of the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and Inspiring Australia, is excited to present the SAPPHIRE COAST SCIENCE FESTIVAL, a great opportunity for people of all ages to have engaging, fun experiences with citizen science, environmental displays, threatened species information, online science and sustainability projects.


This is a wonderful opportunity to find out how local organisations are creating dynamic science engagement activities for the whole community. If you are interested in science, technology, the environment and sustainability – this is the Science Week program for you.

So how do I get involved?

  1. Follow us and other participating organisations (click on logos further below) on Facebook and keep in touch with #scienceweek and #scsf2020
  2. Check out the Science Festival Google Calendar and work out all the great science activities you can be part of. More events are being added every day so keep coming back!
  3. Have a look at the Science Festival Scavenger Hunt Matrix below and try and complete as many of the activities as you can! Some buttons may not appear on your mobile so you can download the pdf file to check.
  4. Check out your Science Festival Scavenger Hunt Treasure Map (use Google Chrome or similar) below and click on the symbols in the map legend to see what activities are near you.
  5. Submit your Scavenger Hunt details online to be part of the prize draw. The form will be open to receive entries on August 15th and you can submit entries until the end of Science Week on the August 23rd. You can guess answers if you like but the most correct entry, with the most scavenger hunt points, drawn on the 23rd August will be the winner.  Winners will be announced on Monday 24th August.

For further information:

Doug Reckord, Bournda EEC 0428 267 956  


This project received grant funding from the Australian Government.


On World Environment Day, June 5th 2020 Bournda Environmental Education Centre (BEEC), in association with SCRSHSEN, was fortunate to have a guest lecture from Associate Professor Ceridwen “Crid” Fraser of the University of Otago. The lecture was part of our series of community science engagement events supported by Inspiring Australia NSW and will premiere to open the Sapphire Coast Science Festival on Saturday, the 15th August at 11:00am.

If you would like a copy of the powerpoint presentation please use the contact form towards the bottom of this page and request a copy in the comments section.

Featured music: A Different World by Cecile Corbel

Libby Hepburn of the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness writes:

“Minka made this video when we asked her to illustrate how amazing the underwater world is in one of her favourite places. All along the coasts here we have wonderful biodiversity of seaweeds and sea creatures, from the very large, Bull kelp and big sting rays, to the very small and delicate, the fan worms in Minka’s video and sea slugs of all shapes sizes and colours. Many thanks to Minka for showing us this window on the world under Tathra Wharf. You can find lots of the sea creatures that live round here recorded on the Atlas of Life – look at the images then click to see where and when they were found. Help us add to the database with your images too.”

A #scienceweek message from Minka:

“Hi I’m Minka! I live in Tathra on the beautiful Sapphire Coast of NSW, I’m super passionate about nature and the environment. The best moments I have experienced are spent outside appreciating and exploring this beautiful place I am so lucky to live in. Surfing, diving, exploring, hanging with friends & family, camping and skiing are all favourite pastimes. I am vocal on the topic of climate change as I don’t believe enough is being done to protect the environment and I know the choices made now will and are, affecting our futures and the future of this beautiful planet.” 

The full short video will premiere during the Sapphire Coast Science Festival during #scienceweek

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To open the map legend, with clickable icons for each event, click on this symbol in the top, left hand corner of the map


Sapphire Coast Science Festival Scavenger Hunt Tasks
Visit the Sapphire Coast Science Festival Online webpage on the Bournda EEC website

(10 points)

Use the Sapphire Coast Science Festival Google Map to find all the activities that are happening during National Science Week
(10 points)
Borrow a science book from the Library
(10 points each)
Go to the SCRSHSEN facebook page or Festival contact form daily and give us an update on how many Scavenger Hunt points you have collected and a breakdown of how you scored them (10 points each)
Like the Facebook pages of each of the participating organisations and send a nice message saying how much you are looking forward to Science Week
(40 points each)
Check out the Panboola and FSCB posts every day during Science Week to find out how climate change may affect local bird species
(40 points for each bird)
Submit an answer to the SCMDC “Guess what” facebook competition
(40 points each)
Design your own experiment (make sure it is safe and check with adults if you are young) or make a scientific observation. Take pics and share them on social media (FB, Insta, Whatevs) with hashtags #scienceweek and #scsf2020 (40 points each)
Fill out the contact form on the Sapphire Coast Science Festival Online website and add your email address to the mailing list for the Festival
(60 points)
Go outside on a clear night during Science Week and find Jupiter or Saturn (60 points)Check out a SCINEMA science doco during Science Week
(60 points)
Go to a beach or anywhere and Take 3 For The Sea
and make sure they are disposed of correctly
(60 points for each 9 pieces of litter)