Learning for Sustainability Programs – please note, this is not our full range of programs. This site is still under construction.

Are you looking for support to teach the sustainability cross-curriculum priority?

Bournda EEC has a great range of sustainability programs for you to choose from; these programs can be run at Bournda, at your school or at other locations.

Students can participate in activities that contribute to your school lowering water, energy, resource use and waste to landfill. You can explore how to improve biodiversity in your school grounds.

If you don’t see the program that you need,  please contact us and we will design a program that meets the needs of your students!

Waste Education Programs

Bournda EEC works collaboratively with a range of organisations to provide waste education programs to schools across the South East of NSW.

There are a wide variety of activities to choose from including waste audits.

For more resources on waste education check out the Sustainable Schools NSW materials.

Here’s an example of how one of the Councils’ we work with is providing support to local schools 

School located in the Canberra Region Joint Organisation of Councils (CRJO) should check out the great activities and resources supported by the CRJO Waste Education Program

Students conducting a waste audit

Sustainability Resources for Teachers

The EZEC team has been working to improve sustainability resources for your teachers and have updated and expanded the DoE’s sustainability web pages. More resources will be added as they are created.

For each sustainability topic there is the sustainability action process resource. Each of these has links to proformas and resources to support teaching and learning in the steps of the process.

Also in each sustainability topic you will find:

  • activities that can be used by schools to assess the current situation
  • examples of what student sustainability action looks like, some with videos showcasing NSW public school students in action
  • syllabus links to the new science and technology, technology mandatory and geography syllabuses
  • additional resources.

The Further information page has links to external resource portals, including the new Sustainable Schools NSW website. Most of the geography teaching and learning frameworks have sustainability embedded into them.