High Potential and Gifted Education program – Stage 2

Sustainable Futures Program

Friday 18th August – Week 5

This Stage 2 program is designed to develop the talent of students who show high potential in the academic domain. It is specifically designed for students who have been recognised as showing high potential at your school and who show an interest in science and protecting the environment. Please register your interest and include the number of Stage 2 students from your HPGE program that you would like to include.
This energy program focuses on the need for environmentally sustainable electricity generation and the active role individuals can take to help reduce greenhouse emissions. Students will learn about the link between our atmosphere and our climate. They will get hands on with solar toys and wind turbines and explore the many methods by which energy can be made. They will use their knowledge to create actions that they can implement at home or back at school.
Differentiation adjustments include: complexity, pace, choice, higher order thinking and

Cost of the program is $5.

Please register your interest below and select the number of Stage 2 HPGE students you wish to send from your school –