Join our Wildlife Webinar on Wednesday!

Come and join Bournda EEC staff, NPWS Shorebird Ranger and Shorebird volunteers to find out what we can all do to help save our endangered local shorebirds. Link live to see shorebird nesting sites, come for a virtual paddle around Bird Island in Bournda National Park and take on the shorebird identification quiz during this 40 minute wildlife webinar on Wednesday 10th November at 12pm.

This webinar will introduce your students to four threatened shorebird species that live in and around our local beaches, estuaries, and rocky headlands. Students will learn to identify these species, they will discover why these species are endangered and how they can help save these birds from extinction.

The webinar is supported by a Google site ‘Saving our Shorebirds’ that provides you with post-webinar activities and resources.

Bournda EEC has created a free multi-touch iBook that further supports this topic ‎Saving Our Shorebirds on Apple Books

hooded plover
hooded plover chick
Hooded Plover adult (above) and chick (below).
Photos by Leo Berzins.

We would like to participate in the Wildlife Webinar on Wednesday 10th November