Waste Busters – St Patrick’s Primary School

Students conducting a waste audit
Students playing a waste sorting game

St. Patrick’s Primary School have a brilliant bunch of students who are taking on the challenge of reducing waste at school called the Waste Busters! They completed a waste audit of their playground landfill bin on the 15th September, 2020.

They discovered that there were lots of soft plastics coming to school as well as lots of food scraps ending up in the landfill bin. They then completed the action planning workshop with BEEC and came up with loads of great ideas to reduce the waste going to landfill from the school.

What are the Waste Busters going to do to reduce the amount of waste to landfill at their school?

  • Provide FOGO bins for organic waste at lunch time
  • Have kitchen caddies in all classrooms
  • Create posters and signage for their FOGO bins
  • Introduce Bin Monitors for the FOGO bins
  • Start a FOGO media campaign – ‘Who you gonna call….Waste Busters!!’
  • Conduct Kahoot! FOGO quizzes with prizes for students
  • Create FOGO Board games for all year levels
  • Create and present FOGO skits to classes

Currently 53% (by number) or 57% (by weight) of the waste in their landfill bin is organic waste. By providing FOGO bins for the students to use and educating all the students in the school community about FOGO they aim to greatly reduce the waste they send to landfill each week. If students correctly sort their FOGO waste the school will reduce what they send to landfill by more than 50%.