Up Close with Minibeasts – Stage 2

Friday 17th June

Welcome to the wonderful world of mini beasts. In this environmental science program students learn all about the wide variety of mini beasts, their life cycles and habitats. Students are shown how to safely search for and catch mini beasts before beginning to collect and record what they find. Using GoMicro lens, students learn to identify and categorize minibeasts. iPads are used to photograph and record the different species so they can be added to iNaturalist. Students then head back to the science lab at Bournda Environmental Education Centre where they can further explore their mini beasts using a high-powered digital microscope from the Atlas of Life. Now they are really ‘Up Close with Minibeasts!’

Program cost – $3 per student.

Maximum of 15 students from your school.  COVID-19 Safety plan in place

Peacock Spider

EOI - Up Close with Minibeasts - Stage 2 -17th June

We would like to send a team of up to FIFTEEN Stage 2 students to this day!