STEM Enrichment Design Competition – Science Week

Monday 15th August to Friday 19th August, Week 5, Term 3

Are you looking for an exciting STEM project to run with your students in Science Week?

Are you ready to let your students put their design and production skills to the test by submitting a new enrichment object for one of two animals found at Taronga Zoo?

Bournda EEC staff would love to work with you and your students at your school on the STEM Enrichment Design Competition being run by our partner EZEC school at Taronga Zoo.

Bournda EEC staff are running a free 1 ½ hour workshop for Stage 1, 2 and 3 students this Science Week. The program will run with a single class of students but can be booked for up to two classes in a single day. The program can be run by BEEC staff in your classroom or remotely by webinar.

Introducing the Asian Small-Clawed Otter and the Cotton-Top Tamarin….

How can we promote natural behaviours in zoo-based animals? Enrichment provides species-appropriate challenges, opportunities and stimulation and is an important part of animal husbandry in zoos.

Your students will work through a Design and Production process to identify a species, research its adaptations, behaviour and habitat, plan and design an enrichment prototype and test and evaluate their work using the enrichment design checklist. The best designs will be selected and entered in the Taronga Zoo STEM Enrichment Design Competition for the chance to have their design selected for use at Taronga Zoo. Designs can be hand drawn or created in Canva – depending on your schools’ preference.

Winning designs will be rewarded with an animal encounter for the whole class via Zoom which is a very cool prize!!

Optional extension: Five students from each school whose designs show the most potential will have the opportunity to spend a day with Bournda EEC staff (at your school or at Bournda) to build their designs. Bournda will source all materials and support students to make and photograph their submissions. Entries for the competition close on Friday 23rd September.

Expression of Interest -STEM Enrichment Design

We wish to participate in this program!