Sculptures at Bournda – Stage 3

Wednesday 9th September

This program gives the students an opportunity to work with a local artist and teacher who specialises in ceramics to create unique native animal sculptures. Students will learn the techniques and skills required to work with clay for the purpose of making sculptures. During the process students will also learn about the various native species of Bournda National Park, and why we need to protect them and their habitats. The sculptures will be fired off-site and then displayed permanently at the Bournda Environmental Education Centre, adding to our new landscaped garden area.

We are hoping to have two students, who have a special interest in art, representing 6 local schools on the day.

There is no cost for this program.

Syllabus/Outcome/LAC focus:




Expression of Interest - Sculptures at Bournda - Stage 3

We would like to send a group of TWO Stage 3 students to this day!