Sapphire Litter Destroyers – South Coast Anglican College

The Sapphire Litter Destroyers conducted their first waste audit on 13th May 2022. The students discovered that the biggest waste problem at the school was that the wrong things were going in the wrong bins. The students were concerned that if waste is not being sorted properly in the recycling bins then it won’t be getting recycled. The students were also concerned about the litter at the school that is not even making it into the bins.

The students brainstormed ideas about how to make change at school around the issue of waste sorting. Some of their ideas were:

  • starting a Waste Free Wednesday at school with prizes to encourage everyone to participate
  • having FOGO bins in the playground for use at eating time
  • changing the colour and labeling of the soft plastic bin so everyone knows what to put in it and to avoid confusion
  • educating the school community through posters, newsletter items, having bin monitors and by addressing the assembly