Saving our Shoreline – Stage 2

Thursday, 26th May 

The South Coast is home to many threatened shorebird species including the critically endangered Hooded Plovers. This program allows students to be immersed into the world of the shorebird while visiting Bournda National Park. Students will have the opportunity to meet National Parks and Wildlife staff and volunteers involved in the South Coast Shorebird Program, who protect and conserve these amazing animals. While learning about shorebird protection students will explore the amazing ecosystems of Bournda National Park. They will prepare advice for users of the Wharf to Wharf walk on how to minimise any impacts on the shorebird habitat.

Program cost – Nil and there is funding support for a bus and relief teacher

Up to FIFTEEN students from your school

The Saving our Shoreline workshop  is supported by the Wharf to Wharf Walk Community Project, funded by the Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund through joint Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding arrangements and the Lions Clubs of Pambula-Merimbula and Tathra.

students walking around lake

EOI Saving Our Shoreline Stage 2 -26 May

We would like to send a group of up to FIFTEEN Stage 2 students to this day!