Only One Earth – World Environment Day

Tuesday 17th May

World Environment Day is held on June 5th of each year. It is a day for promoting worldwide awareness and action for the environment. ‘Only One Earth’ is the theme for the 2022 World Environment Day, highlighting the need to live sustainably and in harmony with nature. Inspired by the text ‘Old Enough to Save the Planet’ students will explore many of the sustainable aspects of our everyday lives and create action plans for their own school or community showing ways they can make changes that can directly help our planet earth. Students will design and create an artwork to be displayed at the BEEC’s WED
dinner held on June 5th.

Up to 15 students from your school.  COVID safety plan in place.

EOI ‘Only One Earth’ -World Environment Day - Stage 3

We would like to send FIFTEEN Stage 3 students to this day!