Junior Ranger – Stage 2

Tuesday 12th August

Come to Bournda and become a ranger for the day! Motion sensor cameras have revolutionised the way that ecologists learn about our native species. These cameras offer intimate insights and allow the opportunity to uncover many secret animal behaviours. Students will learn how to use these cameras and will then set out to collect data (photos and video) from cameras that have previously been set up around Bournda National Park. What will the cameras reveal when your students visit? Students will explore the Atlas of Life in our Coastal Wilderness and will contribute to citizen science by recording their data on NatureMapr. Students will learn how to use Nature Mapr to record their own findings at home or back at school.

There is no cost for this program.

Syllabus/Outcome/LAC focus:


GE2 – 2


Expression of Interest - Junior Ranger, Stage 2

We would like to send a group of up to FOUR Stage 2 students to this day!