Helping our Hoodies – Stage 3

Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th November

The South Coast is home to many threatened shorebird species including the critically endangered Hooded Plovers. This program allows students to be immersed into the world of the shorebird through photographs, an interactive iBook and discussion about the life and habitat of these local birds. The students use this knowledge to create an animation using iStopMotion on iPad to share the message of how we need to save our shorebirds from extinction. The students learn how to use iStopMotion, then create a storyboard for their animation. Props and a backdrop are made and then the animation is filmed. The animation can then be shared back at school.

Program cost – $2 per student.

hooded plover

Expression of Interest - Helping our Hoodies - Stage 3

We would like to send a group of up to TEN  Stage 3 students to this day!