Environmental Science – Green Crab – Stage 2

Thursday 3rd June, Term 2

The European Green Crab, also known as the European Shore Crab or Green Shore Crab, is an introduced marine pest species which has been found in Wallagoot Lake and other locations on the Far South Coast. The crab has a negative impact on native species and aquaculture and is a notifiable pest species in NSW. In this program students will conduct scientific investigations, monitoring traps for presence of the crab and, where found, recording scientific data to contribute to the NSW Department of Primary Industries understanding of its distribution and abundance. Students will be able to recognise the crab and, back at school, will contribute to community awareness of what to do if a sighting is made.

Students working by the Lake

Expression of Interest - Stage 2 Green Crab

We would like to send a team of FOUR Stage 2 students to this day!