*THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN FILLED* Bournda Explorer – Stage 2   A fun day focused on team work & orienteering
Geographical tools / PDHPE/Science and Technology

Thursday 23rd May,  Week 4, Term 2

Learning to use a map and compass is a great skill for life. Students will enjoy a fun day of activities based on using geographical tools such as maps, compass and GPS. Orienteering is about map reading and navigating around a course using spatial awareness. From an understanding of maps students then progress to compass work and exploring spatial technology such as a GPS. After learning these techniques students will go on a guided ‘nature trail orienteering’ course. The focus for students will be on completing the course and most of all enjoying the day!

Stage 2 BNP

Syllabus/Outcome/LAC focus: ST2-10LW  ST2-11LW