Bin Busters – Wolumla Public School

Bin Busters from Wolumla PS
Students completing a waste audit
waste audit

The Bin Busters from Wolumla Public School are an amazing class of waste warriors who ran their first waste audit on the 6th August, 2020. They discovered that the biggest problems at their school were that students were putting the wrong thing in the wrong bin and that there were lots of soft plastics coming to school. The students were already focusing on waste at school completing a unit of work called ‘Waste Not Want Not’. They formed table groups and named them the Rubbish Wranglers, the Rockin’ Recyclers, the Banana Peels and the Waste Wizards. After completing the action planning workshop with BEEC groups of students worked on different aspects of their action plan. Students created poems, PowerPoint presentations, skits and games to educate the rest of the school community (see photos below). The school is now using FOGO bins and soft plastic bins as part of their waste collection.

poem about waste
soft plastic bin collection
students presenting a powerpoint about waste
Students describing a game about waste

The Bin Busters completed their final waste audit on 7th June, 2021. They audited all 4 bins – landfill, recycling, FOGO and soft plastics. It was obvious from the start that not only had the volume of waste reduced the number of items in the correct bin had increased.

Contamination in the landfill bin had reduced from 77% in the first audit to 14% in the final audit. The amount of FOGO in the FOGO bin had increased from 33% in the first audit to 98% in the final audit.

The soft plastic collection was really successful with only 2% contamination in the soft plastic bin and a reduction of soft plastics in all the other three bins.

Keep up the great work Wolumla Public School Bin Busters!

results from Waste Audit 1 - bin contamination
Results from Final Waste Audit - bin contamination
Results from Waste Audit 1 - soft plastics
Results of final audit - soft plastics