Our place, our future

Eden Marine High School (EMHS) Year 7 students have been participating in a new geography program looking at coastal hazards in the local area. Supported by Bega Valley Shire Council (BVSC), the National Parks and Wildlife Service and Bournda EEC, the program has been developed with EMHS Geography teachers and introduces the students to important coastal processes and coastal hazards like beach erosion and coastal inundation.

The students took advantage of a break in the rain and surveyed sites to identify infrastructure and assets that may be at risk and used computers to look at hazard maps prepared by BVSC. Students take on the role of Council staff to prepare materials to raise public awareness of the issues involved.

Bournda EEC thanks BVSC, NPWS and EMHS (particularly Mr Cookson) for their assistance.

Eden Marine High geography students

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