Do our tourist roads look clean for Christmas?

For a number of years Bournda EEC staff have been collecting data on litter on Sapphire Coast Drive and other locations in the Bega Valley Shire. You can read about the findings in this roadside-litter-report. Today was the beginning of a new round of collecting and analysing roadside litter. We started on Sapphire Coast Drive, on a section of road that passes through National Park and Nature Reserve. We haven’t crunched the numbers yet but the pictures show a small sample of what we have found at just 6 of the 14 index sites on Sapphire Coast Drive. Certainly some sections of the road don’t look clean and for an area with such a great reputation for pristine environments, that is a problem.  It is also a concern that the roadways are only a short distance from our spectacular beaches and estuaries.

The pictures below show a typical sample from a 60 square-metre section of roadside.

More details soon.

Roadside litter collected in a 60m2 area on Sapphire Coast Drive Roadside litter collected in a 60m2 area on Sapphire Coast Drive


Bournda EEC will be supporting the GoMAD Challenge in 2017!  Check out the flyer and if you are a high school teacher in the South East who wants a great leadership opportunity for your students, get in contact with us.



Community Litter Grants


Grants of up to $5,000 are available for community groups who are keen to tackle litter in their area and have the local knowledge to make a difference.

We’re excited to offer our Community Litter Grants to volunteer groups and collectives of all just stripes, not just the usual, environment-focused subjects. These grant projects are a great way to bring a team together, to make your community healthier, safer, and cleaner, and to maybe find a renewed sense of purpose.

The grants are easy and accessible. They start with a local litter check (like a clean-up and an audit) in your chosen public space: a beach, or a park, or a football field, etc. For this, your group receives $500.

From there, you can apply for a grant to create a project that will reduce litter long-term in their chosen public space.

The grants give everyone involved a sense of ownership of the land and space around them, and the tools to make them better.  It’s all about grassroots-led action (you know what’s best for your area), and KNSWB is on-hand to offer project advice at every turn. 

This is the third year in which the Community Litter Grants are being rolled out, but the first year a perpetual application period is being introduced. Groups can apply anytime, so why not get in touch?

My Work Experience at the Bournda EEC

Written by Liam Jolley; Year 10 Student at Bega High SchoolYear 10 Work Experience Student Liam

I’ve had a long week at the Bournda EEC. The week started with the Light to Light walk with Karabar High Sport, Leisure and Recreation led by Doug Reckord, Bournda EEC Principal. The Light to Light walk is a hike from Boyd Tower(near Eden) to the Green Cape light station, approx. 30 km. The walk encompasses much of the coastal fringes of the Ben Boyd National Park. This terrain includes soaring cliffs as well as heathlands, and the occasional historical settlement.

The walk was supposed to occur over three days, but due to technical difficulties; these mostly consisting of a bus that couldn’t keep its coolant inside of itself, the walk was shortened to two days. Although this didn’t hinder Karabar’s spirit. The group soldiered on though the second day, walking twice as far as they planned. The next day they finally arrived at Green Cape. They then caught a second bus to Bournda, driven by Doug, and enjoyed a well deserved shower. They headed home early the next day.

Meanwhile the student’s of Narooma Public’s grade 3 classes were just arriving at the National Park. For the first day the students were involved in a program called Significant Environments which included a guided tour of the National Park. Jules Donne and Luke Brown, teachers at the EEC, led the students around the famous sights of the park including Bondi and Wallagoot Lakes as well as Bournda Lagoon and its lookout. At which the students drew their own pictures of the landscape. The students then headed back to the camp for an early night.

The next day the students walked to the lagoon and rotated between three different kinds of activities. Firstly, the Challenge Games led by Bob Harris, EEC.These focused on the student developed teamwork skills and trust in one another. Second the Problem-solving Initiatives led by Jesse French, Naroooma PS. The initiatives focused on problem-solving and lateral thinking exercises. The final activity was run by Luke Brown, EEC and was a biodiversity survey of the lagoon. The students collected marine creatures of all kinds whilst Luke explained to the students the role they played in the ecosystem. The creatures were then released back into the lagoon. After completing the activities the NPS students walked back to camp, packed up, and with a final goodbye left.

All in all my work experience was tiring but immensely fulfilling. I think I came out of the experience better understanding the relevance of environmental education both in and outside of the classroom. I hope to return to the EEC soon although I think next time I’ll leave the teaching to the professionals.

Looking South from Boyds Tower

(Thanks Liam, your work was much appreciated and helped us in a very busy week.  A big thank you to Mrs Morgan from Bega HS for organising Liam’s work experience.)

Beautiful Lycaena Butterflies

Just out of the EEC office we found these Lycaena butterflies which emerged today. Did you know that they have a relationship with ants called myrmecophily (interspecies association). They produce sugar rich secretions that attract ants. In return the ants protect the larvae and in some species the pupa also.

Photo by Rose Constable Lycaena butterfly




Photo by R Constable Lycaena

Bournda Panorama

Bournda panorama by Doug

Such a beautiful photo Doug took last week, I had to share it.

New barbeque for Bournda EEC

Hooray for a new barbeque! Looking forward to cooking on it at the school camps.

New barbeque for Bournda EEC