Future Leaders Writing Prize 2017

Year 11 & 12 students send your submissions in by May 31 2017!

FLWP 2017 Future Leaders

Future Leaders generously sponsor the Bournda EEC Future Leaders Environment Award which will be presented at the World Environment Day Dinner, 5 June. Two Year 12 students will each win $500. The application form for this award will be up loaded and sent to schools shortly.

Goanna checking out our solar panels


Freckled Duck sighting

A rare sighting of a Freckled Duck near Wallagoot Lake. With thanks to Max Sutcliffe, Far South Coast Birdwatchers for the photos.

Freckled Duck sighted near Wallagoot LakeFreckled Duck sighting near Wallagoot lake



Heat to increase

A scientific snapshot shows Australia’s heatwaves will be hotter, last longer and occur more often.

The Climate Council’s new Cranking Up The Intensity: Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events report finds that while the links between climate change and some extreme weather events such as bushfires and heatwaves are well-established, the evidence linking climate change to storms and heavy rainfall is also growing.


Wednesday – Cloudy and not too hot

Just right for starting a camp!

South Coast area

Cloudy. Very high (90%) chance of showers in the north, medium (60%) chance elsewhere. Areas of fog about the coastal ranges. Winds northeast to southeasterly 20 to 30 km/h tending northeasterly in the morning. Daytime maximum temperatures in the low to mid 20s.


Wednesday Weather

Looks better for camping on Wednesday. A bit of rain still about but should clear.

Water and the Land_ Forecast Rainfall Wed 8th Feb



Tathra Public School Year 6 Camp postponed

Tathra Public School Year 6 Leadership Camp has been postponed due to the forecast rain. The forecast indicates more rain throughout the day. Hopefully it will bucket down – it’s needed.


Water and the Land_ Forecast Rainfall

Celebrating World Wetlands Day

Far South Coast Conservation Management Network highlights the importance of wetlands in the Bega Valley wetlands on World Wetlands Day – TODAY!


Regurgitated Magpie Pellet

I was amazed to see our ‘wild un-afraid magpie’ (at home) regurgitate something up recently. I immediately went to see what it was – and as he was only about five meters from me and on the driveway – it was easy to spot. Here is a photo I took of the pellet, fresh from the Magpie! I didn’t even know that they did this till I saw myself & researched it. Magpie pellet Photo by R Constable