World Environment Day action

World Environment Day is the United Nations Environment Program’s (UNEP) most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Since it began in 1974, it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries.  Stage 2 and Stage 3 students from Wolumla PS, Tathra PS, Eden PS, Towamba PS, Bega Valley PS and Wyndham PS got together to learn about video production and animation and have produced a positive video message for World Environment Day 2019. The theme is #BeatAirPollution and these students have put their creative skills and enthusiasm into this positive World Environment Day message!

Dr Ceridwen Fraser chats with About Regional

A wonderful chat between Dr Ceridwen Fraser, Associate Professor at University of Otago, and Ian Campbell from About Regional.  Dr Fraser talks about her experiences embarking on a career in science and touches on issues affecting women in science.  A small crew of students from Bega High School were there with others joining the webinar online.

We will report an update on the genomic analysis of bull kelp that we sent to Dr Fraser when those results become known!

Thanks to Inspiring Australia for supporting this initiative!




Dr Ceridwen Fraser in the lab

STEMShare Legends!

Today at Bournda EEC’s “Science in the Lab” Creative and Talented workshop, students from Merimbula PS, Wolumla PS and Eden PS took the lab outdoors! Using the 360 degree camera from the NSW Department of Education STEMShare Primary Virtual Reality kit, the students created some images which can be viewed using VR goggles.  They also had a go at the secondary VR kit AND still had time to do some fun experiments in the lab.

A great day thanks to the students’ positive behaviour and thinking skills!  Thanks also to teacher Luke Brown and Bournda EEC resident tech-whizz Phil Lord who helped us work it all out. Thanks also to the STEMShare program – we love it!!

Click on the Poly symbol to see the full images. For best results, open in Google Chrome.

Image display may take a little time.

Pambula PS visit to Bournda postponed

As the fire situation in Tathra is close by, and still active, the Centre will not be operational Monday (19th March) and Tuesday (20th March). Several of our staff live in areas affected by the fire but everyone is safe which is great news.

Later today a fire did start near our Centre and it was put out through the skilled work of NPWS staff, with support from air-crew. Power lines brought down by the strong winds are the likely cause and the power was still out at around 9pm tonight. The fire is now extinguished but there will be likely to be some further operations around the fire ground tomorrow.

Thank you to Grant, Bobby, Terry, Bruce, Johan and Ross from NPWS for your work and to any other emergency services workers who contributed to the operation.

We are all very saddened by the events of today and thinking of all those who have been hit hard by the fire.

You shouldn't have to sell the family car

to send your child on a school camp.

One of Bournda EECs objectives is to minimise costs to schools so that students don’t miss out on valuable outdoor experiences.


Bega High – Year 10 Crossroads – Friday Forecast

Unfortunately we are cancelling today’s Bega High School Year 10 program due to the forecast rain, with the chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms.  It is always disappointing to cancel but everyone wants more rain so we’ll be happy about that.

Bournda EEC would like to thank Mrs Morgan and the Bega High School staff for their  support of the program.  The students have been outstanding but today they won’t be out standing in the rain!


Tired but happy after walking from Tathra to Wallagoot


Weather for Tathra PS Stage 2

Forecast looks ok with rain later. We’ll look forward to seeing the Tathra Stage 2 students for a great day in the Park!



Bird Olympics Report

The Jack Lynch Memorial Award comes home to roost at Tanja PS

The story of how this wonderful trophy left the Bournda nest and flew to Tanja Public School will soon be told by ABC Open and the Bega District News!  Stay tuned for further details.


The Jack Lynch Memorial Trophy