What an amazing little creature! A cup moth larva on the path at Bournda that looks like it should hang out on the Great Barrier Reef – what glorious colours!

But don’t be fooled; this little critter has an array of poisonous spines that pop out when provoked

The wonders of life are all around us.

Colourful cup moth larvae


Harrison’s photography hints are a hit!

Last week’s macro photography workshop at Panboola was a great success!  We had a wide range of ages and interests present and everyone came away with something to think about for the next time they took a few snaps.  Jennifer Halper was visiting Bournda National Park with students from Eden Marine High School and captured this wonderful image of a water dragon. Jen commented “This is in focus, keeping in mind what Harrison outlined last week”

What a great student and what a great photograph! Thanks Jen for letting us use this lovely image on our website!

Water dragon at Bournda National Park

Photo: Jennifer Halper

Goanna checking out our solar panels


Freckled Duck sighting

A rare sighting of a Freckled Duck near Wallagoot Lake. With thanks to Max Sutcliffe, Far South Coast Birdwatchers for the photos.

Freckled Duck sighted near Wallagoot LakeFreckled Duck sighting near Wallagoot lake



Regurgitated Magpie Pellet

I was amazed to see our ‘wild un-afraid magpie’ (at home) regurgitate something up recently. I immediately went to see what it was – and as he was only about five meters from me and on the driveway – it was easy to spot. Here is a photo I took of the pellet, fresh from the Magpie! I didn’t even know that they did this till I saw myself & researched it. Magpie pellet Photo by R Constable

Nesting boxes

I’ve decided that I should make some nesting boxes to put up in the bush at home. I like the idea of using a hollow log but it’s important to leave logs in the bush for ground dwelling animal habitat.

Useful information and design ideas for nesting boxes I have learnt that it’s a good idea to thread the wire through a piece of garden hose to help protect the tree and to put some loops in the wire for extension as the tree grows. Placing the box at a height of 5 meters or less will attract most species, position the box so that the hollow is protected from the prevailing weather.

sugar-gliders-image-courtesy-abc NSW

An owl in the yard!

This beautiful young Masked Owl was spotted by Phil in his yard. Amazing to see its defensive behaviour.

Staff visit to On The Perch

The Bournda EEC staff had the pleasure of visiting On The Perch recently. Great to see the birds so happy and comfortable, with plenty of space to fly (and perch on us!) The Bush Stone Curlew is nesting again (she’s chosen a spot right by the path) and the chicks are due to hatch just in time for Threatened Species week. Sadly this bird is on the endangered species list due to loss of habitat and predation by cats, foxes and dogs.

Chris and Jan


An exciting sighting!

Check out what was recently spotted in the Murrah Flora Reserve near Bega
Koala photo by Dave Gallan

Read all about it and have a look at the video

Feeding the animals at Bournda…

These two visited recently – hoping for a share of lunch. Feeding the wildlife, while tempting to do, is not good for them and can lead to a range of negative consequences for the animals and humans. The Office of Environment and Heritage have more information on keeping our wildlife healthy here:

Australian king parrot, Alisterus scapularisGrey Butcherbird, Cracticus torquatus