Community Litter Grants


Grants of up to $5,000 are available for community groups who are keen to tackle litter in their area and have the local knowledge to make a difference.

We’re excited to offer our Community Litter Grants to volunteer groups and collectives of all just stripes, not just the usual, environment-focused subjects. These grant projects are a great way to bring a team together, to make your community healthier, safer, and cleaner, and to maybe find a renewed sense of purpose.

The grants are easy and accessible. They start with a local litter check (like a clean-up and an audit) in your chosen public space: a beach, or a park, or a football field, etc. For this, your group receives $500.

From there, you can apply for a grant to create a project that will reduce litter long-term in their chosen public space.

The grants give everyone involved a sense of ownership of the land and space around them, and the tools to make them better.  It’s all about grassroots-led action (you know what’s best for your area), and KNSWB is on-hand to offer project advice at every turn. 

This is the third year in which the Community Litter Grants are being rolled out, but the first year a perpetual application period is being introduced. Groups can apply anytime, so why not get in touch?