The Jack Lynch Memorial Award comes home to roost at Tanja PS

The story of how this wonderful trophy left the Bournda nest and flew to Tanja Public School will soon be told by ABC Open and the Bega District News!  Stay tuned for further details.


The Jack Lynch Memorial Trophy

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  1. Elaine Cozens (Lynch)
    Elaine Cozens (Lynch) says:

    Marvellous for Human Interest in Birds and their habits to be encouraged .Dad and Mum would be delighted with this .Birds were a lifelong interest which were shared with all.

    • Doug
      Doug says:

      Thanks Elaine, it is an honour for Bournda EEC to work with schools to sustain the tradition your parents worked on for many years!

  2. robert whiter
    robert whiter says:

    Congratulations to all those involved in running this inaugural event, Bournda staff, teachers, judges,and participating schools. Thanks also to past champions who assisted with promotion…..Looking forward to increased participation next year

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