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Bournda EEC, in association with Towamba Public School and the Gould League, proudly presents the Inaugural Sapphire Coast Learning Community.

BOURNDA BIRD OLYMPICS – Thurs 27th July 2017

Supported by:

On the Perch Bird Park

Far South Coast Birdwatchers

(Week 2, Term 3)

Bournda EEC, Bournda National Park

Stage 2, 3 and 4 students – school teams of 4-6 students


Towards the end of 2016 a little bird told us of a move to re-introduce the noble art of bird calling to schools in the Bega Valley.  You can get an idea of the wonderful world of bird calling from this great story covered by ABC Open,  “Meet the champion bird callers of the South Coast” .  The revival of this great activity was taken up by Towamba Public School after discussions with local resident Robert Whiter.  Robert contacted the Gould League and they are generously sponsoring some super prizes for the event. A magnificent perpetual trophy is being prepared and the challenge is on to all Sapphire Coast Learning Community Schools to send a team of 4-6 students to the Gould League of NSW logoBournda Bird Olympics. The activity is aimed at students in Stage 2 to Stage 4 and will address a number of outcomes in the K-10 Science Syllabus.

Events on the day will include:

Bird Identification – Students will be shown pictures of local birds and must correctly name them to get the “worm”.

Identifying Bird Calls – The team that can correctly identify the greatest number of calls, will have something to crow about.

Birds of a Feather – A selection of bird feathers will be provided that students must identify to feather their nest.

Bird Brains – Some quick trivia questions that will get the ornithological whiz kids working hard!

Creative Art for the Birds – The students’ artistic talents will focus on birds and created works will form part of the 2017 SCLC Art Show.

The Noble Art of Bird Calling – students do their best impression of the call of a named species of bird and re-live the glories of past champions!

Individual and team prizes will be awarded and the school with the highest combined score will fly home with the Jack Ryan Memorial Trophy. We are hopeful that our team of judges will include some of the original participants in the Gould League competition.

This is no event for the chicken-hearted and foul play will not be tolerated. The organisers would be chuffed if you could enter a team.  It’s a cheap event; admission is free and there will be no bill. Register your expression of interest below and stay tuned for further details.

The bird call competitions were part of the Gould League’s programs to help students be more aware of the need to protect our precious and beautiful birds and we should all think about how we can help them to thrive, survive and singing for many years to come.

And here are some student calls recorded at Bournda!

This is a little faint but this is a talented young lad from Year 6 at Tathra Public in 2013  – we were raven about this one!

And this girl spotted some Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos flying overhead and called out to them as if they were members of her family.  Bega High Year 7 in 2013.

Bird call history at the Merimbula Museum

How the bird call craze swept the South Coast schools

Read about the reunion that brought past champions together!

Looking for resources on bird calls?

And some more resources!

The Bird Brains

From left: “Bird Brains” – Peter Claxton (TPS), Robert Whiter, Nancy Blindell (TPS) with the new perpetual trophy – yet to be completed

Magpie audio from http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/