Where's Ollie?

Where’s Collie and Who’s Ollie?

Once upon a time there was a famous gnome, called Collie, who featured in the popular Country Areas Program activity called, “Where’s Collie?”.  Well, Collie retired quite some time ago but some Sapphire Coast Learning Community (SCLC) teachers who had worked with him, wanted some of his fun activities to return.  He wasn’t available so he put us in touch with his replacement –  Ollie the Powerful Owl!

Ollie is into Powerful Learning and in Term 1, 2017 will be bringing back some online modules for teachers and students to explore. Logically enough the program will be called “Where’s Ollie?”! The first planned Ollie is under construction and includes Living Things content from the Science K-10 syllabus.

What’s happening now?

We are currently working towards getting the draft materials available for teacher comment in Term 4, 2016. A weebly site is being developed to host the site and will be linked to from here. Teachers who are interested in participating in the “Where’s Ollie?” Project should contact Bournda EEC


Bringing back the “Collies” has been strongly supported by Carolyn Nugent and Kerrie Vogele from Bega Valley Public School. Bev Keltie from Bega Valley Public School is providing IT support by building the weebly site.

The logos above have been developed by Excell Printing.  Both will feature in the Where’s Ollie? website. The picture of the Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua) was taken by Dave Gallan, a former Principal of Tanja Public School, and is used with his permission.

Collie in action!

Collie the retired gnome