Bournda Programs for Creative and Talented Students

Bournda EEC staff have a theory that the beautiful surrounds of Bournda National Park brings out the best in everybody and that all students have creativity and talent when participating in these programs!

These programs are offered to public schools in Terms 2 and 3 and usually book out very quickly.

Check out the What’s On pages for Terms 2 and Term 3 to see what is available.

Biodiversity for Kids, S2

Do you have students interested in the “web of life” or the multitude of plants, animals and micro-organisms and the ecosystems of which they are a part?

On this day of learning students will be exposed to some of the many species that are unique to Australia and look at ways that communities can help protect biodiversity in the local area. Students enjoy using the digital microscope and seeing all the insects and arachnids that come off one shrub after a ‘shake down’.

Looking at the insects after a 'shake down' C&T Biodiversity For Kids

Leadership Fitness and Fun, S2

Do you have students who would benefit from a day in the outdoors, on an extended walk, with fun activities along the route? Students would need to be physically fit and show responsibility and leadership as they navigate their way along the route.  Mapping, compass work, physical exercise, challenging and engaging activities are all part of the day.

Environmental Science (Science)

Geocaching and Numeracy, S3

This geocaching and numeracy program includes the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) equipment to locate sites where mathematical problems will be posed. Students will also develop skills in mapping and navigation. This activity involves students riding pushbikes in the Bournda National Park.

Geocaching & Numeracy

Marine Science, S3

Students undertake marine fieldwork activities with a focus on rocky shore adaptations.

Marine Science Primary Program, Bondi Lake, Bournda National Park

Going Ape! S2

Students will develop an understanding of Asian and African rainforests and Great Apes through a fun and interactive program of discovery. The program is delivered by a staff member who has had first hand experience living and working with Apes in Africa.

The chimpanzee that she worked with, Asega, is now living on his own island paradise with others of his kind!

Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust:

Asega image courtesy of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust

Art and Writing, S2 & S3

A visual art and creative writing workshop for motivated and interested Stage 3 students based on the World Environment Day theme.

All students create both an artwork and a creative writing piece. Completed works are displayed in celebration of World Environment Day.

Art & Writing S3

Literacy and Puppets Workshop, S3

Students with a flair for writing and creating interesting stories about animals will have the opportunity to combine their writing talents and drama expertise at this workshop.  Using puppets as the means to tell the story, the drama created will be performed and filmed.

Students developing their story

Science in the Lab,  S3

Students undertake a range of experiments in our science lab.   Stage 3 students will develop a hypothesis and undertake a range of experiments to test that hypothesis before coming to a conclusion.

Students enjoy Science in the Lab

Our Place,  S2

Students undertake fieldwork designed to address aspects of the HSIE & Creative Arts K-6 syllabus.   Stage 2 students walk to two sites in Bournda National Park to undertake activities.

My Treasure (Geography)

Environmental Science,  S2 & S3

Students will undertake fieldwork designed to address aspects of the Science & Technology K-6 syllabus. Travel to the fieldwork sites will be by pushbike.

Creative & Talented Program Environmental Science

Bournda Bike Safari, S3

Students will explore different environments in Bournda National Park and discover how scientists collect data about animals, which then can be of use to help protect animals and their environments. This activity will involve students riding pushbikes in the park.

Bike day

Photography and Nature,  S3

Photography as a medium for telling a story will be explored at this workshop. Students with a flair for writing and an interest in photography will be well suited to this opportunity.  Students will write in response to the environment they see and record the image with a digital camera.

On the trail Creative & Talented

Weather Warriors,  S2

Students come to Bournda and learn how a cloud is formed and what makes the wind blow. Discover why our weather is so important to life on Earth and how we can create power from the wind.

Creative & talented program

Upcycle-Recycle Sculpture Workshop,  S3

This one-day workshop targeting talented Stage 3 students is an opportunity for students who enjoy creativity in art. Working in their school group, students will make a sculpture using recycled materials. The students will have the opportunity to work with an accomplished sculpture artist.

Following completion, the work will be gifted to the school.

My Treasure,  S2

Through this integrated unit, students will explore their special place and discover their own special treasure.  They will communicate their journey through imagery and writing in a virtual gallery using Padlet. This work can then be shared back at school.

Art & writing WED theme (English/ arts)

Creative Writing Workshop,  S3

This creative writing workshop is being offered to four Stage 3 students with a particular interest or talent in writing.  Students will participate in a range of stimulating activities with an environmental focus and using a photograph for inspiration, students will write a short piece of work.

Art & Writing S3

Creative Writing Workshop,  S4

This creative writing workshop is being offered to Year 7 students with a particular interest or talent in writing. They will undertake skills activities related to vocabulary extension, sentence structures and compose a piece for publication related to the theme of ‘Exploring Landscapes’.

This ‘Voices in the Landscape’ workshop for Year 8 students will have an emphasis on skills development and the use of distinctive voices in telling a story. The program for the workshop will have a particular focus on narrative viewpoint exploring the use of persona, dialogue and parallel storylines. The written works produced will be published and exhibited.

Mathematics and Bikes at Bournda,  S3

Students will ride pushbikes and conduct mathematical calculations related to distance, revolutions, time and speed as well as energy input and output. Students may use the Bournda EEC bikes and helmets or bring along their own.

Bike riding Bournda NP

Puppets and Ceramics Workshop,  S3

This is an opportunity for students who enjoy creativity in art and literacy. Working in their school group, each student will make a puppet head using ceramic materials. They will also produce a written script for their characters. The students will have the opportunity to work with an accomplished ceramic artist and with a literacy teacher for the writing component.

Following firing of the puppet heads, the work will be returned to the students and they will be asked to perform their puppet show at school.