Waste Warriors – Stage 2

Term 2, Week 7 & 8, Wed 13/6/18 and Mon  18/6/18

Come to Bournda and learn how to be a waste champion for your school. Students will explore the issues surrounding waste focusing on ways to reduce the amount of waste we all produce. Students will investigate the role of worms as decomposers, getting ‘hands on’ with the Bournda worm farm worms. After learning about the life cycle and needs of worms they will make their own mini worm farms to take home. Students will problem solve in groups to tackle waste issues and create an action plan for their school, class or home. A particular focus will be on school lunches, and the waste that is created each day in the playground. Students will come up with creative ideas and try their hand at making alternative eco-friendly wraps for sandwiches. Interactive iBooks, educational games and hands on activities are all used to focus on the ideas of reduce, reuse, refuse, repair and rethink! There is lots of potential to follow this up with STEM projects at school.

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Students conducting a waste audit

Syllabus/Outcome/LAC focus: