Bournda Expedition – Stage 3

Term 2, Week 2, Thur 10/5/18 and  Fri 11/5/18

Challenge your students to take on the Bournda Expedition!

Students will spend the morning learning bush survival skills such as map reading, use of compass, first aid, leadership and communication.

Equipped with these skills and a set of instructions groups of students will be responsible for navigating their way through the tracks and waterways of Bournda, on foot and by kayak, dealing with various survival scenarios on route. A BEEC staff member will be with each group to support as required.

Workshop full!

My Treasure (Geography)

Syllabus/Outcome/LAC focus:

GE3 – 1

GE3 – 4

Expression of Interest

We would like to send a team of FOUR Stage 3 students to this day!