Art and Action Day, WED theme  – Stage 3

Term 2, Week 2, Tues 8/5/18 Now FULL

World Environment Day is held on June 5th of each year. It is a day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. Each year students come to Bournda to get inspired and learn about how to act in support of the environment through art and activities. The activities are focused around the current theme for World Environment Day ”Beat Plastic Pollution”,  the students work is displayed at the Bournda Environmental Education Centre dinner,  local libraries and other important locations.

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Art & Writing S3

The students will also work on how they can support the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre’s Annual Marine Science Forum for 2018, this year titled “HOW BLUE ARE OUR OCEANS? What have we done and what can we do?”

Syllabus/Outcome/LAC focus:

(English/ Creative Arts/Sustainability)