Empowering students to have a positive impact on their environment

Every student participating in Bournda EEC programs will be actively engaged in meaningful, challenging and future-focused learning experiences to achieve and thrive as learners, leaders and responsible, productive citizens.


Fostering quality teaching and leadership in environmental and sustainability education

Build the Bournda EEC workforce capacity through focused professional learning and development that creates a culture where every staff member is engaged in ongoing, relevant and evidence-based learning and practice at an individual and collective level.

Bournda EEC will work to improve the quality of professional learning and leadership in environmental / sustainability education with the EZEC network, teachers, communities of schools, Principals networks and partners.


Leading Environmental and Sustainability Education

All Bournda EEC staff will demonstrate systems leadership and innovation, within a culture of organisational improvement, through a collaborative approach to decision making that is accountable, transparent and reflects local and systemic priorities to promote environmental and sustainability education.

Bournda EEC will work with the EZEC network, teachers, communities of schools and our partners to develop systemic leadership, innovation and best practice in environmental and sustainability education.

The school planning process is informed by the:

  • Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians
  • National School Improvement Tool
  • School Excellence Framework
  • Public Schools NSW Strategic Directions – Creating Futures Together 2015-2017
  • DEC School planning guides and fact sheets
  • Action research on evaluation of environmental education programs
  • Guidance by school planning experts in the Learning, High Performance and Accountability Unit
  • EZEC Strategic Directions 2012-­2014 Strong partnerships for a sustainable future
  • Australian Curriculum Project Final Report 2014

Consultation with key stakeholders:

  • BEEC staff – previewed and discussed the new school planning documentation and processes.
  • The EEC and Zoo Education Centres (EZEC) Principals Conference provided planning opportunities and included the notion of collaboration on the network’s strategic directions 2015-2017 for improvement and innovation in sustainability education.
  • Teachers – evaluations of BEEC programs
  • Students – evaluations of BEEC programs
  • Sapphire Coast Learning Community (SCLC) planning events
  • Far South Coast Network of Schools planning support and activities with Principal colleagues, coordinated by our Education Director
  • Guidance from Principal Support Leaders

Our school plan can be downloaded here

Our Progress

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